Here is three references from satisfied students!

Dena is an excellent English teacher.    When I was a medical researcher in the U.S., I really needed to improve my English skills fast. I took several SKYPE lessons from different teachers but the quality and level of engagement of the teachers wasn’t enough for the money. One day, I found Dena on a website and took her trial lesson. Dena was exactly a type of teacher I was looking for! Every lesson was interesting and challenging.  She corrected me 100% of the time but always made the conversation flow.  It was fun and I could quickly tell my English skills were improving. I was impressed that she was able to assist me with conversation topics ranging from my work in medicine to politics and current events.
I am now a professor at a medical school in Japan, and importantly, I am confident with my English and this is thanks to Dena. In short, she is a true teaching professional.
If you want to improve English, just take lessons from her! This is my advice.
Oct. 9th, 2012
N.O.  M.D.   Professor in medical school in Tokyo
It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Ms. Dena Linn Chen to your renowned program. Ms. Chen instructed me in her English communication class once per week. The class was private and Ms. Chen worked with me for one year. I am accordingly well acquainted with her ability, character and qualifications.I took her lessons to get an international staff position at the Asian Development Bank. To pass the job interview process, I was required to prove that I was able to clearly express my opinions on technical issues and create consensus among team members in multicultural situation. Therefore, I needed a teacher who had practical experience in working with international organizations. In addition, since writing skills are as important as speaking skills for business, I also needed an English teacher who possessed excellent skills in business and professional writing to assist me with improving my written communication.Unique to Ms. Chen and her ability to teach, is that she has a great range of business, finance, management and general professional knowledge and experience that enabled her to ‘role play’ in many different capacities, as she helped me prepare for my new position. 

Thanks to her devoted support, I successfully passed my job interview process and received an offer from Asian Development Bank in June, 2014.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Dena Linn Chen for your favorable consideration.


Kazuhiro, Professional engineer working for international organization


Y. Taguchi, Vice President Human Resouce Development and Management



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  1. English and writing in general has never been my strength as a STEM-orientated high school student. Hence, entering the essay-extensive US college admissions process, I felt I needed additional support to smoothen out the rough edges of my college essays. Dena provided professional, concise, and comprehensive feedback to all my essays that not only made them read better, but also maintained my personal voice and story. I was subsequently accepted to The University of Chicago (a university known for their emphasis on and the difficulty of their essay topics) for the Class of 2022. Whether grammatical, structural, or lexical, Dena was a great asset to me when applying to US colleges!

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